Call for Abstracts

Deadline: Fall 2020

Abstract submission instructions

Please write your abstract (250 words or less) clearly and concisely describing approaches and results. We typically have a diverse audience and request that presentations are accessible to all. Presentations will be limited to 15 minutes + 5 minutes of questions. Of the proposed sessions listed below, please select the session that best fits your abstract.
    1. A changing world: Challenges and threats to the freshwater ecosystems (invasive species. climate change, pollution, water levels, sediments, genomics)
    2. Footprints: Landscapes and land use – ecological impacts on our ecosystems (earth, habitat change, run-off, sewer overflow)
    3. Living Waters: Identifying and assessing challenges related to water quality (emergent contaminants, water levels, phytoplankton)
    4. Roles and Responsibilities: Indigenous knowledge and ways of knowing (Understanding and valuing IK, Linking IK and environmental philosophies of Indigenous people, environmental science from an indigenous perspective)
    5. Food webs: Food chain dynamics and key species (changes in the ecosystem, ecosystem modelling, fisheries management)
    6. Biodiversity: Identifying and monitoring critical habitats for ecosystem integrity and resilience (species diversity, species at risk, ecological indicators, genomics)

Personal Information

Please feel free to attach a short biography and photo to be featured on our website and social platforms. Please include links to your website and social pages in your bio if you would like them included.


Laptops and LCD projector will be available on site. Please bring your presentation on a memory stick.
Please select all sessions that may be appropriate for your topic. If none of these sessions fit your work, please contact us with a description of your work and we can look for ways to accommodate you.


Poster presentations will be held on May 28th. There will be an opportunity for presenters to give a 1-minute speed talk to promote your poster. All posters should be 36" x 48" with flexibility for portrait or landscape layout.

Photos, videos and live social media stories will be taken at this event and used for promotional and marketing purposes on social media, print and digital. Contact us to make arrangements if you do not consent.

Thank-you for your submission. Our selection committee will contact you with the final symposium schedule. For more information, please contact:

Jaclyn Franceschini
Research Assistant/ Biologist
River Institute
2 St. Lawrence Dr. Cornwall, ON, K6H 4Z1
T: (613) 936-6620 x 224
F: (613) 936-1803